The NoneList Anthology


Ashley Alvis

along the tao
a room in the air
a slow fuse
Be H!
Be In' Wind
bit and piece fallen way from nextame
BreakFastIn Dawn Egg
Bright Utterance
Dawn at Dusk
Drunken Dreaming
ears' wings
erotic obscenitease looming
gimme more of a break
hurried! canst i?
in celebration
Joy, my Friends
Martyr Dome (of the new Kingdom)
me and my ski toes
mine to be?
Mush, Slush, what a rustch!
my companions in futility
my little child's heart-wrenching anguish
next to me, She lies!
Running Past Heaven
Self Portrait
serenity and the Tao's weak strengths
She Pours!
the divine nature of money
the drear, the seared
the homeless builders
The Pax Paradoxon Pact
the pure love
the she who is gone
The Solitude of Extremities
those insane starward bursts of blackest light
to breeze
trailing wings
Untitled Poem
Untitled Poem
(with Chad/at the AthFest...)
Untitled Poem
(and then there was Gillian/bright Gillian! so meek)
vise - gripped
Yours, Within, Divinely Sewn